The name of Aplomb

The choice of the name Aplomb was obvious for all the definitions it includes. 

1- Audacity and fearlessness: I want to dare in the patterns and their colors. Giving energy and twisting the monotony.

2- Dare: Face boldly, go with strength and spirit.

3- Alignment and balance: In tapestry, "plumb" means the alignment of the trim and the wood. Getting that alignment and balance in my designs.


Amelie Guleryuz: The Creator 
Trained as a psychologist, I wanted to take a professional turn to flourish in a different way. Creativity has become the essence of my work whereas it was previously one of the work tools that I offered to the patient. In my opinion, creativity is a fundamental resource that we must solicit and work on as we would for our health.
I am committed to creating a colorful and stimulating universe far from the professional environment which seemed to me to be darkened by the precariousness of the care system so described, the sometimes heavy psychic pathologies, etc. Twisting a monotonous universe is what I want to bring through my creations. It is important to DARE, not to hold back and let your creativity flow.
Aplomb's identity is strong and punchy. The patterns for each collection are created here in Rouen, then printed across the Channel on upholstery fabric. My collections will have the mission of dressing differently our old furniture that we hold dear or even those that we no longer love but in which we believe. I like to create to enrich what already exists.
My collections will be available on furniture that I would have stripped then reupholstered (Bultex foam of French origin) and finally reupholstered. Each piece will be 100% unique and available for a limited time. The collections will also be available on cushions, boutis-style comforters, posters framed with the raw pattern. I want to stay in an artisanal production, made 100% by hand, which would be contradictory with a larger edition and therefore a larger production. Few parts, no restocking. Every centimeter of fabric left will be used for tote bags, scrunchies, and goodies;) If you like a collection and you have a piece of furniture to redo, now is the time;)