"One way-ticket to Mexico"

This new collection follows my trip to Mexico. A revelation for the senses by its colors, its smells. 

I wanted to transcribe all these emotions by creating these "Ex-voto" and "Mexican Table" patterns.

"Ex-votos" are brass, often colored wall decorations that adorn the walls of Mexican homes. The latter are offerings to the Gods and Goddesses, carrying a message of gratitude and offering. I wanted to pay homage to them on colorful and joyful textiles.

The "Mexican Table" patterns seek to immerse us in the sun, seated at a table in a shady corner.. "Una Margarita por favor" that we taste with sun-drenched fruits in front of flowers that perfume our senses. 

These motives want to take us on a journey.

The back of this collection is made with embroidered Mexican fabric "Cambaya". I loved their strong colors, their designs, their symmetries, and the delicacy of their touch. They all come from a different region of Yucatan.