The Toad lounge chair

This Crapaud lounge chair is a rare piece. Her undressing was almost "religious" as the piece aroused respect in me for having gone through history.

During its stripping, I could see that it had already passed through the hands of upholsterers but each time it had been covered with fabric, without ever being undressed. Five layers of fabric for the backrest, a real Russian Doll. Until discovering a toile de Jouy that had gone through the ages, with romantic motifs in pale pinks.

After having completely removed the upholstery, on the wood of the backrest, I found a label with the name of the cabinetmaker as well as the name and address of the customer for whom the chair was intended. Year 1815.. 206 years without a wrinkle, without a piece of damaged wood. I like to tell myself that he has gone through history and kept his countless secrets.


I then strapped it, re-upholstered with foam of different densities in order to obtain a seat and a welcoming and comfortable backrest.

Finally, laying the fabric. I wanted an extraordinary fabric to pay homage to it and give it new life. Here we go again for 200 years!



File: Pierre Frey House

Assise : Designers Guild


Work time :

Undressing and preparation: 10 hours

Filling: 30 hours

Installation of fabric (with piping and Jaconas): 10 hours


Resale Price: on demand


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