Pair of Toads (old)

Custom Toad armchair

I was asked to redo a pair of toads that belonged to the customers' grandparents. The request was to strip the aging upholstery of the two armchairs before redoing a new one in 100% Bultex foam. Finally, the installation of a new upholstery fabric.

When undressing, I discovered a wood that had remained impeccable, which had hardly moved.

It was then sanded and cleaned.

So I recreated all the filling with 100% vegetable mousse made in France.

For the dressing, the customers wanted yellow and ocher tones in order to bring color and luminosity to their interior.

We chose two different fabrics for the back and the front. This possibility makes it possible to observe two different armchairs depending on its position in the room.

Tissu Velours Madame, Luciano Marcato spread par Casal.

Trimmings from Ile de France


Estimated working time:

4 hours of undressing

1 hour of preparation

35 hours of upholstery and installation of fabrics


Price upon request.



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