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Armchair "Clementine" in "Mexican Table"

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The “Clementine” armchair was designed by Aplomb. We liked the "cubic" approach to its design: the armrests and the back are at the same height.

It was made in the region of Ourika to measure with Eucalyptus wood.

The cushion was made with our fabric from the “one way-ticket to Mexico” collection which is an invitation to travel and pays homage to La Table Mexicaine. We imagine ourselves in the sun, seated at a table in a shady corner.. "Una Margarita por favor" that we taste with sun-drenched fruits facing flowers that perfume our senses. These motives want to take us on a Mexican expedition. An old embroidery is used as piping which gives it a very unique style.

The backrest cushion is 100% linen with hand-woven raffia on piping.

The filling cushion has a zipper to refill it as needed over time. This one is made of Bultex foam of French origin and nonchalance. The “Mexican Table” cover can also be removed and cold washed.

The back cushion cover is dry-cleanable.


All textile creation and production are carried out in Rouen, Normandy.


* The armchair is a 100% artisanal product, made and assembled by hand. The irregularities of shapes and cuts are part of the charm of this object, obviously unique because it cannot be reproduced identically if it is not produced by the industrial method.


* Armchairs are neither taken back nor exchanged if the delivery is outside Normandy.