Aplomb décoration

Cushion "Ex-Voto" and Cambaya Yellow

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Mexico invites itself into our new "One way-ticket to Mexico" collection. 

This cushion is an invitation to travel with its typical patterns of Mexican culture, the "Ex-Votos". These brass and often colorful wall decorations adorn the walls of Mexican homes. The latter are offerings to the Gods and Goddesses, carrying a message of gratitude and offering. We wanted to pay tribute to them on colorful and joyful textiles.

The "Ex-Voto" patterns are printed on 100% natural linen. The back is made of embroidered Mexican fabric, called "Cambaya". It was imported from Yucatan in small quantities. It is embroidered with typical geometric patterns (100% cotton).

The piping was entirely handmade in Morocco. It is in natural raffia.

Format 30x50 cm. 

Dry cleaning. 

Garnish included.

Straight : 100%line

Back: Acrylic and Cotton